Earn Money by giving reviews | 5 websites where you can make money for giving your review


If you want to earn money by giving reviews. Well, you are in right place. Giving your opinion is your thing, then you can get productive and earn a few dollars an hour for doing so. In this article, I will tell you about 5 websites where you can make money by giving your review. 

If you know where to go, giving your opinion can be beneficial. Many organisations in various industries now want to hear what you think about their products and services. That is why they form groups of people to try out what they have to offer and then ask them questions about it.

This type of survey can help companies figure out where they need to improve or which components of their products are the most appealing to their clients or potential buyers. This ensures more precise marketing.

If giving your opinion and participating in surveys is your thing, we’ll tell you how to make money by writing reviews on this site.

5 websites where you can earn extra money


WatchLAB’s amount of deals is frequently displayed on their Facebook social networking site. Unlike Respondent, you will be asked if you are from a specific location or city. You can earn anywhere between $60 and $250 each hour.

The majority of their studies can be completed online. He also uses social media to publicise his activities and chances. Your hourly wage ranges from $75 to $250 per hour.


The majority of their focus group surveys are conducted online. The majority of their listings aren’t tailored to a single location or country. So, no matter where you live, you may give it a shot. They can, for example, pay anywhere from $20 to $250 per hour. Isn’t that good? You’ll be astonished at how many possibilities you’ll come across.

Consumer interviews

It’s not that it’s a specific place, but rather you should look for the companies that interest you and keep an eye on their social networks to detect when they need the participation of focus groups. Depending on the industry, according to research by The Penny Holder, payments can range from $15 to $500 per hour.


You can visit FindFocusGroup.com to learn more about them. It is a platform that is responsible for showing numerous job adverts, rather than a corporation that aims to analyse consumer tastes. Companies who conduct this type of research are listed on their website. You can look up information by state and city. Generally speaking, employment in this industry pay up to $100 per hour.

Giving your opinion can earn you money

In times of crisis any way to earn money is good. Here we show you how to earn extra money doing surveys on the internet.

If you are looking for alternatives to improve your income in a simple way, you are in the right place! There are many websites that offer remuneration in exchange for answering a few questions in addition to the list of apps we gave you to earn money.

And you might ask yourself, who is going to pay me to know my opinion? Nowadays, companies are looking to know more about what their customers or potential customers think about their products or services, hobbies, interests? This is golden information for them. With it, they can better examine their catalogue and study in more detail the launch of future products or the target audience of their marketing strategies, in short, know their market better and thus be able to increase their sales.

Many retribution schemes offer items such as high-end mobile phones or trips, but there are also those who pay with money, up to €5 per survey, although the amount varies depending on the survey and the subject matter. The time you will spend on the surveys is usually around 20 minutes on average. Not a bad time-to-pay ratio, don’t you think?


It’s a platform where you can earn money and gift cards just by watching videos and filling out surveys. Swagbucks account is free to open. Once you’ve signed up, you can start using the platform and earn points that you can later redeem for these rewards.


This is one of the earliest methods for earning money through survey participation. This company has 5 million users and has been in the paid survey business for more than 9 years. Some of the companies that trust it to conduct user surveys include Fiat, Coca-Cola, and L’Oréal.


It is available for a large number of countries all over the world, both Spanish and other languages.

To register, click on the country and fill in the form, it’s as simple as that! But if you have any questions, Surveyeah has a good contact service and they guarantee a response within 24 hours.

The rewards you can earn with this alternative range from cash to Amazon products, eBook downloads and even donating your earnings to charity.


This is one of the best known worldwide. It stands out for the high number of surveys that they send to your email to fill in every day. When users reach 30$, they receive cash. The majority of its users are from Spain, the United States, and Latin America.


Here you can find surveys to give your opinion on international brands, entertainment and other activities. The more surveys you complete, the more points you earn, the more points you can redeem for cash, gift cards or sweepstakes.

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