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Earn Money by Typing Jobs

Do you want to earn money by Typing Jobs. This is such an incredible opportunity and here is exactly how much money you can make when you type one page of names you can earn 15$ per 5 pages and you can earn 75$ and when you type 20 pages a day. 

You can earn 300 and the best thing is there is no limit to this you can type on your mobile phone or do this on your computer. 

This opportunity is 100 free and available worldwide so make sure that you read until the end so that you don’t miss out on the sign up process because it’s actually very tricky and most people do it wrongly but before we start welcome to oneeyeworld.com where we teach you how to make money online the simplest way. 


This brand new opportunity look closely at this rate per word which means how much money you can get paid per word that you type in this case five cents in us dollars. 

Now usually one page will have around 300 words for example this typing name project right here this is actually page number one and right here

this is page number two and also page number three and each of these pages you can get paid by simply typing names now let me tell you this page where you can actually get paid 15 and the total word count is 300 words when i scroll down you can see here the total of 300 names meaning in 300 words you can earn 15 per page by simply typing names. 

Earn Money by Typing Jobs

Including online proofreading jobs, freelance, blogging, language translation and online page surveys there are many different jobs that you

can do but right on this article we’re going to focus on online typing jobs because this is one of the simplest things that you can do on this website

and it requires no experience or tech skills at all you can see here the online typing job. 

All the way up to twenty seven thousand dollars per year it’s actually a very good earning opportunity for people from any country in the world now for the joining fees you can see here that the registration is absolutely free there are no hidden cards before or after joining and we don’t ask about investment to you on any stage. this is an completely free in worldwide opportunity now right over here you can see depending on what level you are. You’ll get paid different amounts of rate ranging from beginners all the way up to the experts now in just a moment. 

I’ll be giving you a special bonus tip that can help you to earn a higher rate

you can see here that even if you are a complete beginner you can actually get paid on an expert level and i’ll tell you the strategy in just a moment and no other person would know about this if you guys are enjoying this article don’t forget to subscribe for email notification. 

Now i’ll tell you the first bonus tip that can help you to earn a higher rate by

simply typing names online i want you to go to ratatype.com basically this is the home page of this website where you can take a free typing test and i want you to click on this yellow button right here and then you’re gonna come over to this page where you can actually start typing using a phone or using a computer and the reason why i want you to do this speed typing test is because this website will offer you a certificate. 

It’s very important for you to keep reading to see exactly how to get this

Certificate and how to complete your application on talentdesire.com

now as you can see when you start typing on this website they’ll start calculating how many words you can type per minute and also your

Accuracy whether or not you type any spelling mistake or any typing mistake you can see here your accuracy should be between 98 up to 99.99 the higher your accuracy the more money you’re going to make by doing a  typing testand taking a certificate on this website you can tell them that your typing speed and also your accuracy and that’s going to give you a higher payout rate real quick  let me tell you a real life example of doing these tests right now and how to get your certificate for absolutely free in less than five minutes. 

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