Earn Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos & Showing Your Face (Make Money Online)

Earn Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos

In this article, I am going to tell you a secret method of Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money on Youtube without creating videos and showing your face. 

People are earning thousands of dollars using this method of affiliate marketing over YouTube. You can also a lot of money by YouTube without ever showing your face on camera and without ever filming a single video yourself. 

In this article, I will tell you everything must do to make it happen and start paying right on YouTube. How can you do it the first step you want to undertake is to find a good niche. It can literally be anything you want a wonderful one I will always recommend is the travel niche. Many YouTube channels are about travel and everyone gets great views and no some of them show their face on camera. 

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Earn Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos
Earn Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos

Trick to Earn Money On YouTube Without Creating Videos 

To start it just search on google for the most popular niches on YouTube and you will be able to find a bunch of them. You will choose the ones that are not required you to show your face on camera and run with them for the sake of this video. 

Suppose I want to create a channel over travel now what good you want to do. Now think about which video you should upload and here I always recommend using other channels in the same niche as inspiration you should not only there. 

Do not copy videos right just see what they upload and you will quickly get an idea of what you can upload yourself. When you have an idea Google will now become your best friend use it all the to find information about your video and you soon want to use Google to find a good font for your video so you or someone else can do the voice-over and when you see

what looks like a good copy and paste it into a software called paraphraser.io, It rewrites it for you in seconds. 

After it’s done, you will now have a text that you can actually do with

vote for your video or pay someone to do it for you and at this point guys

since you will be a beginner with little to no money you want to vote yourself and you can use audacity which is a very popular software to create


It is free and only when you start getting a few looks I do recommend that you start paying someone to do it for you lastly you will now the need footage and a video editor to combine all the pieces together and as a

beginner what you do not want to pay sites like storyblocks.com for the

imagery rather uses free resources such as pexels.com, pixabay.com or maybe others you may know about these sites.

Download a bunch of tracks that then compile in your new video with video editing software. For voice-over, I have a few recommendations openshot.org for good and free software and cladeo.com for a free and good online video editor. Which of these you choose is up to you. 

But you can use both to create videos with voiceovers that make it perfect in your case it do the last step from here guys would be to create a thumbnail and a website you can use free for it is called photop.com. It is above all professional and free different as mentioned from what you did will now have your video and what you want to do from here is basically repeated.

You can repeat the same process for many times till you start getting views

perseverance is essential, so do not give immediately up, you will have to grind through a few months before you, however, get desired results when it

happens as your income grows, you will be anyone can pay for all the

to do work for you on some of the previously said freelance platforms. 

After a while, you will be able to start your second YouTube channel and from here it all becomes much easier like you will be your other can advertise channels from your main one and you will is literally paid at this point. 

Do not needs to work at all. If you enjoyed this article please comment below. 

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