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In this article, I will tell you about the best high CPC Ad Networks for publishers in 2022. We will also go through programmatic advertising. 

Programmatic advertising has become one of the most popular and profitable strategies for brands. But what exactly is programmatic advertising? Let us tell you!

Programmatic advertising is an advertising buying model in which we buy advertising space in an automated way. These spaces are where we can place our ad on different websites, online newspapers and blogs.

An online ad network or ad network is a company that connects advertisers with websites that wish to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is to aggregate publishers’ advertising supply and match it with advertisers’ demand. Publishers of blogs, news sites, apps and websites have dedicated advertising spaces that advertisers can buy and advertise their brands, products, offers, etc.

Ad networks are responsible for buying advertising space from the publisher and distributing it through impressions to advertisers through bids. They help auction advertising space to advertisers on behalf of publishers and maximise revenue for them, while allowing publishers to concentrate on creating content. For newcomers to the game, the number of ad networks available to choose from can be overwhelming.

TOP most High CPC Ad Networks for Publishers 


AdSense is a top-level ad program of Google by which publishers serve text, image, video, or interactive media ads on their websites that are targeted to the site’s content and audience. 

It is the world’s largest ad network and the primary service through which Google can display ads on websites and applications. It is the most commonly used and best platform for publishers to run ads on their platforms.


Ezoic is an ad testing platform that helps publishers improve their website revenue and user experience. With Ezoic, you can automate the evaluation of ads, content, layouts and more of your website. With Ezoic, publishers have access to a broad range of powerful tools and applications, as well as unprecedented analytics. 

Ezoic enables publishers to harness the power of true artificial intelligence on their websites. is a leading global advertising company with one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of advertising technology across search, native, display, mobile, local, and video products. manages premium ad serving and its platform and products are licensed by some of the world’s largest publishers, ad networks and other advertising technology companies.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is a comprehensive, self-serve ad network that provides industry-leading ad serving and optimisation technologies for online marketers and web publishers. Publishers get the benefit of 100% monetised inventory, on-time payments, a personal account manager and detailed real-time reporting. 

PropellerAds has specially designed algorithmic optimisation to match relevant ads to each website and ensure you get the highest possible revenue for your traffic. 


Infolinks uses a unique advertising technology platform and publisher marketplace to provide global advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers worldwide. Infolinks’ services are open to all types of publishers, regardless of the size of their website business. 

The company prides itself on its effortless integration process, with no setup fees and no minimum page views or visitor requirements.


PopAds offers publishers the means to monetise their website traffic with the help of high quality pop-up ads. PopAds is considered a premium ad network, but at the same time it is very open, almost any publisher can join. 

Its bidding system allows publishers to set the minimum bid they can accept. You can choose to serve pop-ups with autoplay sound and video ads or you can choose to serve additional pop-ups / pop-ups. You can also set the frequency of your popunder to best suit your website’s interests.


Adcash is an online advertising platform for advertisers and digital publishers, helping them to promote and monetise products, services and online content globally. Publishers can expect high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time statistics and support from them. 

Whether you are a small, medium or large publisher, website owner, content creator, ad network or SSP partner, instantly increase your advertising revenue with Adcash. Its advanced optimisation technology matches publisher traffic to high-quality demand and displays the most relevant ads to your users.


Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company offering performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners around the world. 

They claim 100% fill rates and pride themselves on their customised solutions. In addition, the ad network is known to offer the highest CPMs and security against bad or malware-affected ads through their fraud protection detection systems.

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