How to Create A Free Website on Google Sites to Earn Money in 2022

How to Create A Free Website

Hi Guys, Today we are going to learn how to create a free website using google sites. So after reading this article, you’ll be able to create your own website using google sites. Where you can add your own pages and add your content. And we will also learn how you can design your site in any style that you want. 

The best part of using Google sites is you can use google apps to add more features to your site. For example, if you want to add a contact form you can use the google forms app. And finally, we will also learn how you can change your default google sites domain to any other custom domain you want like This all is a very easy process. 

How to Create A Free Website
How to create a free website

Before we learn our site creation let’s see the difference between using google sites and using WordPress which is another popular tool for building websites. If you are looking for features like having the ability to sell products on your site write a blog post. WordPress is the way to go but on the other hand, if you’re looking to build a simple website that provides information to your visitors then Google sites is a great option that is free.

Now we are going to start creating our site using google sites. 

5 simple steps to create a new site using google sites. 

First Step

The first step is to sign in to your google account. To sign in to your account go to Here you need to enter your email address or phone number and password and it will take you to your site. 

Second Step

The second step is to choose the type of your site. There are many designs are listed, you can choose the type of site you want to create. We are going to click on the blank site. It will take you to the next page where you can create your site from scratch. 

Third Step

Once you have chosen the type of your website. The third step is to change the theme of your site. Here we have a default theme for our site. Now to make it look attractive, we are going to change the theme of our site. So to change the theme, just go to ‘Themes’ and you will get different themes that you can add to your site. To select any theme you like, just click on it, and the theme will be changed. Once we have changed our theme. we can now go to the next step. 

Fourth Step

In the fourth step, we will add content to the website. To change any text given in the template like a heading or any paragraph just select the text and start writing your own headings and paragraphs. 

If you want to increase the size of the text you can just drag the sides of the heading or paragraph box and the size will be increased. 

To change the background of your site click ‘change image’ and select any image that you want to upload as background and press ok. 

Now add a name for your site. To do that just go to the upper right corner and enter the name of your site according to your topic/niche. 

You can also add a logo to the site. To add a logo just click “add the logo” and select your logo from your device click Ok. Your custom logo will be uploaded to the site. 

Similarly, you can add sections and images to your site just by drag and drop or simply uploading another one that you like. 

Now we have to add content. First add a title, to add the title just click the title area and enter the title of your content. 

Under the title write a complete SEO optimized content by doing a complete keyword search and following the user intent to get traffic to your blog. 

After you have completed the content writing process, insert the images according to the content. Furthermore, you can use image optimization techniques like inserting image Alt text, and caption to increase the SEO of the image. 

To create great content you can visit our article:

In the last add a footer to the site as it enhances the visualization of the site and hence user stays on your site for more time. 

To add a footer, just click ‘add footer’ and you will get the section to add footer. Here you can enter any information you want, like copyright text or your contact information. You can also add text on the About Us or Contact Us page in the footer. 

You can add 2-3 sections in the footer area according to your site design or requirements. 

To change the background area of the footer just select background and select the color for the background you want. If you want to add an image as a background. Click to add an image and upload your desired image as background. 

Fifth Step – Final Step

The final step is to publish your site on the internet. So to publish this site, just click ‘publish’ And here you can enter a name which you want as your website’s address. This will be your website’s address that people will visit to reach your site. Once you have entered the name click ‘Publish’ and your site is now live on the internet. 

To check the preview of your site just copy this address and open it in a new tab. Your site will be loaded as a user. Here you can see the full details of your site. If you want to edit any detail you can simply go to the editor to make changes to your site. 

You can add custom pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About Us, and Contact Us to your site in the same way. 

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