How To Create A Sales Funnel For Your Business

How To Create A Sales Funnel

Today I am going to teach you how you can create a sales funnel for your business. First, let’s see why you need a sales funnel. Let’s say you’re selling a product. When you promote the product some people may buy this product immediately. But a lot of people might need to go through a certain process before they are ready to buy the product.

Suppose you come across an ad on Facebook and it costs quite a lot of money, Now before you want to purchase that product you must be interested to get more details about the product, such as the seller profile so that you can trust them, what are the benefits you can get from the product and nd how it would be useful to you. 

You would want to know these details before you buy the product, So it’s the same for your customers.

Your customers need a certain time to gain the information & trust they need before they are ready to become your customer. This can be done by using a sales funnel. A sales funnel is a step-by-step process, that you can implement. It allows you to bring your customer closer to a buying decision. It can be done by various methods like automated emails, videos, and landing pages & more. So these set of tools that you implement will do the selling for you, every time a new visitor comes in. 

Suppose you want to sell an online course and you’re promoting it online using a Facebook ad. Now instead of keeping a direct buying link in your ad. You create an exciting offer that your potential customer might like, that will give them a taste of what you can offer.

If you’re selling a course on weight loss, you can provide your customer with a list of free tips for weight loss. By doing this, the interested people can give you their emails and get your free tips, So this will create a connection between you and your customers.

You will be able to offer them more information later via email and in these emails, you can talk about your paid course or paid product that you offer. This will give them more time to learn about you and make their decision about the purchase. In this way, you will get more sales for your product without increasing the amount that you spend on ads. 

So this is how a sales funnel works.

The best part is, that the sales funnel works for any kind of product, It can be a digital product or it can also be a physical product too. You can use a sales funnel to increase your sales of any product.

In this article, I am going to teach how you can create a sales funnel where we are going to create a landing page, where users can submit their emails to get your offer and we will learn how you can send emails to your visitors automatically. 

After they sign up for your email list. Then we will learn how you can send follow-up emails with more information about your product. This will keep connected with your visitors. And finally, we will also learn how you can set up your sales page where your customers can make the payment and buy your product. Once you set up a sales funnel, we will learn how you can track the number of people who have visited your site and purchased your product.

How to build a sales funnel – complete guide

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to set up a sales funnel using a tool called ‘get response’.

How To Create A Sales Funnel
How To Create A Sales Funnel

This tool will help you to create the landing page, send emails and do all the selling for you. Now if you’re also interested know how to create your own sales funnel from your WordPress website. 

Let’s get started, Now I want to sell a product which is an ebook. To create the sales funnel. We’re going to do 3 parts, The first part is to set up a sales funnel for your product. We’re going to do this in further 3 steps The first step is to create an account in GetResponse. 

GetResponse is the site, which is going to help us create sales funnel for our products. To create an account, just click the link and you will be redirected to sign-up page for registration which is completely free. 

Enter the details in the registration form and click ‘Create Account’. Activate the account by using the email sent to your email address. 

Once you have created your account, We can go to step two, which is to create a sales funnel. First, click ‘conversion funnel’ and then click ‘Create funnel’ to create the sales funnel. Now here, if you only want to collect emails of your visitors and promote your products in the future you can use the email option. As we want to set up sales funnel to sell products. We will select ‘Sell a product’ and give a name to your sales funnel and click save and continue. 

Once you have created the sales funnel, we can go to step 3, which is to add your product. Now I want to add my product, which is ‘How to get your dream physique in 90 days. This is the product which I want to sell. To add this product, First, you need to create a GetResponse store, To create a store Click ‘Create a store’ and give a name to your store ‘Go To Shape’ Now here, you can change the currency based on your need and then click ‘Create’. We have successfully created our store. 

Once you have created the store Next we can start adding products to it.  To add the products just select the type of the product which you want to sell as I want to sell an ebook I will select it. Now enter the name of your file description, and price and select a display image for your product. 

Our sales funnel has been created. People who buy our products will be added to this list. which is to edit our template Now as I want to promote an ebook on Fitness I’m going to customize the landing page. 

After completing this process put great content on your website and link it to the sales funnel page. When people read the article they might click on your sales funnel link and it will redirect them to the landing page that you have created for your e-book. 

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