How to create an E-Commerce Website – Top Secret Method

How to create an E-Commerce Website

In this article, we will learn how to create an e-commerce website from start to end. First, take a look on the internet for the sample website which you want to create. We will create a site on which we can add products, product pages, and add-to-cart options if someone wants to buy a product from our site. 

Step by step process guide on how to create an E-Commerce Website

Let’s get started it’s going to be very simple. We will follow 4 steps to create our e-commerce site. The first part is to launch your website. We use WordPress to get a new website live on the Internet. There are 3 steps in website launching. 

How to create an E-Commerce Website
How to create an E-Commerce Website

The first step is to choose your website name. Go to the domain name finder of Godaddy or Namecheap or any other domain selling site. Enter the name you want for your website and check for its availability. If the domain name is available just go for it. If the domain name is not available you can make a slight change in your desired name. 

After finalizing the domain name the next step is to get your hosting. Hosting is a place where files of your website are stored over the internet. You can also choose the hosting of the same domain provider or if you like hosting of some other company you can go for it. 

After completing the process of purchasing the domain and hosting, attach your domain with hosting by entering the name servers of your hosting in the domain DNS. Then go to the software installer and install WordPress. 

We will use WordPress to create our e-commerce website. By using WordPress you can create websites without coding or programming. 

After installing WordPress your website will be live on the internet. To check your site just type the URL of your website in the chrome browser. You can see that we have a brand new website.

In part 2 of this tutorial article, we will start creating our e-commerce site. Creating a site from scratch is a difficult procedure. To overcome this difficulty we will use a sample e-commerce site and then we will edit it according to our requirements. 

To start working on the site first we have to log in. To login to the site just enter the name of your site and then enter/login or /wp-admin and press entre. Enter your login and password and you will see the word press dashboard. 

After login, we will import a sample theme to our site that is to install a theme in WordPress. Suppose we install a theme named Astra. To install the team just go to appearance and click themes. Now click add a new theme and then search for a term called Astra. 

After installing the theme click on import data. Sample data will be imported to your site. To start using our e-commerce site we are going to first set up our store. A store is a place where your customers can see your products and then purchase them. 

Once you set up your store your site will have your own products. 

And your visitors will be able to buy those products. 

In this way, you can set up your e-commerce web store. Share your site to the social platforms to get more visitors to the site hence it will increase your sales. 

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