How to Find Low Competition Keywords with High Traffic

How to Find Low Competition Keywords

Hi guys, In this article, i will tell you how to find low competition keywords with high traffic to rank your website easily. Suppose you have a website, and you want your content to rank on google if you post content on a random topic or keyword, which already has a lot of competition. 

Then there is a very less possibility that google ranks your site for that specific query as there are already other sites with high authority and backlinks that have used this keyword in their article and already ranking for it. 

To make your content appear on the search results, you need to find a keyword that has low competition and high search volume and then create content for that keyword.

In this article, I will tell you how you can find, low-competition keywords for your website that can be easily ranked on Google. 

How to Find Low Competition Keywords
How to Find Low Competition Keywords

Let’s get started. To find the low competition keywords for our website first, take a look at our site, for which, we’re going to find keywords. 

Suppose our site is about ‘Gaming Laptops’. In order to find low competition keywords, we will follow the below 3 steps. 

Top 3 steps to find low competition keywords

First Step

The First Step is to ‘Find the keywords, which people are searching for related to your website. So to find the keywords. Go to the site It is a free Keyword research site. When you will open it a search box will appear where you can enter your seed keyword for which you are going to find keywords. 

Enter the topic of your website. Since our website is about ‘gaming laptops’. I will enter that and click on search. You will get a complete list of keywords that people are using for searching over the internet. 

Once you have a list of keywords related to your topic, the next step is to select the keywords which are easy to rank. 

Second Step

The second step is ‘Select the keywords for which you want to write the content. Just pick the topics, which you can easily write about, on your blog or your website these will be added to this list.

Once you have selected the keywords, you want, you can move to the 3rd step. 

Third Step

In the third step, we will find the competition of our selected keywords. To find the competition of these keywords we will go to the tool called kwfinder. 

Kwfinder is a free tool. You can create a free account by entering your email and password. Just click sign up and your account is created. 

To find the competition of these keywords which we have selected paste all the keywords in this tool. After entering the keywords click ‘process keywords and you will get the competition for each keyword. In this list, KC shows keyword difficulty as how much difficulty we have to bear to rank for this keyword. 

Now to get more information about this number just click them and it will show which keywords are easy to rank for and which are difficult. 

To find a keyword, which is easy to rank we will look for difficulty less than 30. After selecting all the keywords which have difficulty less than 30 and search volume above 300 you have to look for the trend of the keyword. If the keyword has a good trend in google trends then you can go for it. If there is no trend for the selected keyword but it has low difficulty still you will not get any ranking because people are not searching for it. 

Now we have a final list of keywords that have low keyword difficulty, good search volume, and also high google trends. 

When we will write content for these keywords on our website, it is easier to rank and can attract more people, to our website. 

Now we have to create content for our selected keyword. In order to create content first create a good title, such a title that people click and want to read the full article. 

To create a title you can use wordtune chrome extension. Just select your keyword and click on wordtune icon. It will generate different titles using your main keyword. You can select any of these titles. 

After selecting the title write a useful piece of content using sub-headings and images. You can also use FAQ’s in your article if necessary. 

When you have completed the process of content writing just publish it. After indexing Google will assess your content to see if it is useful or valuable for the user who is searching for that keyword. If Google thinks your content is suitable for this keyword, it will rank your site and you will start getting traffic to this blog post.


In this article, we have learned how to do keyword research in a proper way according to our site topic. We have used to find the searched queries or you can say related search items of our topic. After selecting the keywords that you think you can write easily for them, select them in a list. 

Then go to the other tool called kwfinder. This tool tells us the search volume and keyword difficulty. Paste the list of your selected keywords and look for the keywords that have KD less than 30 as these are easy to rank. 

You can also look for the google trends of this keyword in a specific region for which you want to rank for. If the trend is high and KD is low you can write for this keyword. 

Hence by writing fully SEO optimized content you can easily rank for this blog post. 

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