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Today I am going to tell you how to rank your website in Google search. Suppose you have a website and you want to rank this website on the Google search results. But now when you search for it on Google. Your site does not appear. 

How do you bring your website into the Google search results?

In this article, I am going to tell you how to do SEO for your website and get your website to appear on the Google search results. In this article, I will also tell you how to rank your website, for the ‘search terms’ you want.

Once your site appears on the Google search results, you will be able to get more visitors to your website, for free. 

Let’s get started.

First, let’s know how Google ranks a website on its search results. Suppose you are searching for something on Google. 

rank your website in Google

How did these results show up here? What is Google looking for? 

Google wants to show the best results according to the user’s intent. It wants to show the best content to its users because Google thinks it will solve the user’s problems. 

In order to rank your website on Google, I am going to describe it in 3 parts. 

Create Content That Can Rank on Google. 

To create content that can rank on Google 1st step is to find what people are searching for. 

To do that just go to google. What is your business about? Let’s say you’re running a ‘coffee shop’. Just Enter that into google and as soon as you type it you will find what people are searching for, related to ‘coffee shops’ from google autosuggestions. 

Suppose you want to reach these people. To find more search terms press the down arrow and select a keyword and now if you press ‘space’ you can find even more terms, searched by the people. 

These results are shown on Google as people are searching for these queries. Once you find what people search for, you need to choose the people you want to reach. 

You can select any set of users you want to write for them. I am going to choose the users who have searched for ‘the best coffee shops in Mumbai. 

Once you have selected your query then you need to find out what is the intent of the user. To find out what the user is looking for you need to think about it as a user. 

In our case, the users are clearly trying to find the ‘best coffee shops to visit, in the Mumbai area’. Once you find the user intent then you can move to the next step which is content creation according to the user’s needs. 

Create content

Google wants to show the results to the user with an exact match to their intent. In order to rank on Google, you have to create content that fulfills the user’s intent.  

Let’s know how you can create the content. To create the content go to your website. Go to the posts and click add a new post.  

First, enter the title as we have found ‘the best coffee shops in Mumbai. In our case, I finalized the title as ‘The best coffee shops in Mumbai’.

After you’ve entered your title, you need to add the content, which answers our user’s question. As the users are trying to find the ‘best coffee shops in the Mumbai area. We have to find the best coffee shops in the Mumbai area. List down the shop’s name in your content along with an image of each shop if necessary. Now once you have added your content. to make this content easy to read, add headings. 

Once you have added the headings, to make your post look more attractive add some images, as graphics catch more attention of the user. 

To add an image just drag and drop it to the page where you want to place the image. Similarly, add some other images where you feel it’s necessary. Add Alt text and caption of the images as it is a part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

I have completed creating the content for our users, and we’ve successfully solved the users’ question that is “what are the best coffee shops in Mumbai”. 

When you have created your content, To publish it on the web, just click publish. And the content will be published on your website. To see how it looks just click view post. 

In this way, you can create Create Content that completely fulfills the user intent and hence can be ranked on Google. 

Once you have uploaded your content there are many other steps to increase the search engine performance of your site. 

Your site must be good-looking as a good interface catches the user’s attention. 

Your content URL must be proper. To make an appropriate link of your article according to your post title, go to settings then click permalink and set it as post name.

A good title is also a key point to rank on google. To create a catchy title you can use title generator websites or some plugin like I am using word tune. 

The next thing comes to your keyword research. Yes, keyword research plays important role in the ranking of an article. If your site is new, then go for keywords that have low difficulty and low search volume. You can also go for high search volume keywords it will increase impressions on your site.

The other step is to optimize the site. If your site takes too much time for loading google will not rank it. To optimize your site use a lightweight theme with proper structure. 

For this purpose, you can use the Google site Kit plugin. This website gives you the facility to see your stats on the Search Console, Analytics, Page speed insight, and Google AdSense. 


In this article, we have covered how to rank on google. You have to analyze your website topic, then go for the topic for which you want to write. Before starting writing content go to google search and type your topic to look for people’s intent and google suggestions. By taking an idea from google then start writing content with proper usage of heading, subheadings, and images where necessary. 

Another ranking factor is your site speed and proper site setup. For this point choose a lightweight theme. Properly optimize your site using different SEO Plugins like web express, WP Rocket, and Asset Cleanup.

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