TOP SEO Tips to Boost Your Ranking | Tips You Must Focus for Better Results


SEO Tips to boost your ranking. Today’s article is for those who are related to SEO. If you have moderate knowledge about SEO then continue to the topic. Today I am going to tell you five tips about SEO. 

SEO tips to boost your ranking and maximize your content engagement

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In today’s article, I am going to tell you which five tips can boost your SEO. If you always want to follow then you should have basic level knowledge. Only then will you be able to understand all these things of mine.

The first thing that comes to mind is topical authority. Whenever you need a keyword or topic. If we finalize it, we have to explain it at this level. Explain which all the topics are covered from every angle. So when you explain a topic at such an advanced level it will give a boost to your article. 

SEO Tips to boost your ranking
SEO Tips to boost your ranking

Let’s say that there is nothing left on this topic, covered from all angles, then it means that you, increase your topic authority on content-specific keywords. When you explain all that knowledge, then your authority becomes more on this keyword. 

The same article ranks within six months and you get the result. Let’s check out how to do keywords for a topic.

Divide this section wisely into as many keywords as there are related. There may be as much related knowledge as you can and then complete searches that occur in all angles related to them in your articles and topics. 

In addition, the people also ask for a section. They will do it all and whatever the related queries. You can explain related to this topic for which you can also use the It is possible to keep as much as you want from the same topic.

All you have to do is cover the headings and the article. Explains the number two comes engagement hence your website also reaches the search engine that you targeted and then when you will get a better position. 

But on average if between five percent of the visitor comes to a specific position and searches for it the result is diverted and the fewer clicks you get. Being diverted to the article means that you have so much lower CTR. 

The article will remain there for more than a short duration and you will get a maximum if you are not getting click-through then your position. There may be a drop in which ninety percent depends on as much content as you have in your article after your title. What is explained in that and it also contains images infographic? 

If you are placed in the best ideal position, then your engagement will increase, and then the time after the engagement increases. The factor comes in which I have explained to you in great detail how to control visiting time and how your ranking. 

Using visiting time if you get an ideal visiting time your ranking be boosted in numbers goals completion comes third, whatever you have. The completion goal is the monetization method you use. Ultimately the goal is the same if you are using Adsense. 

There should be maximum clicks so that you generate maximum revenue

visit your own and go shopping so you get commission. If it can be earned, it will be in the ideal position. But do not self visit your site or click on your ads. Your AdSense can be blocked due to suspicious activity. 

But if you get clicks through organic traffic there will be more chances for both of them to get a good return. This does not mean that you have to use Google and maximum. 

If you want to click, you add the header or after the title and before the title. 

If you place it then your revenue will increase. But the user experience will be much worse then you to place only after one article and affiliate links.  You know that affiliate links are where the product will give the maximum conversion is obtained from there. 

Next comes UI or UX in which the number one item is Pay, Speed ​​means that the better your speed, the more yours there will be chances of ranking as soon as your page opens. More user engagement will start and at the same time user maximum stays and only then your time improves.

Maximum user information also comes from your designed layout so make your design according to idle user experience. It should be so that  to to get maximum user engagement and can be done. Then pay within speed comes the important factor of core vitals play the most important role in this. 


By implementing all this SEO tips you can rank your post / website easily in google and other search engines. Second thing is proper ad placement. If you properly place your ad i.e. before the title and after the title. It will increase your revenue. 

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