Top ways to Earn Passive Income through Digital Marketing

ways to Earn Passive Income through Digital Marketing

Passive income is income from assets that continues to generate benefits for us even though we are not working with them, i.e. without us having to spend our time in exchange for money. In this article, I will tell you about different ways to earn passive income through digital marketing. An example of this would be the royalties from books, music, etc. Once produced, they generate recurring income without the need to use our time.

The Internet allows us to obtain this type of income in different ways, but it is important to distinguish which of these tools are most profitable since there is a large volume of information on the Internet and it is not always of the best quality.

What are passive income sources?

Passive income is income that comes from assets that continue to work for us even though we do nothing with them, i.e. without us having to spend our time in exchange for money.

There is a multitude of information on the web about this type of source of income, although of unequal quality, so it is necessary to discern between the really useful content and the content that is not going to help us and may even harm us.

Among the relevant websites and blogs to achieve the goal of financial freedom, we can use the following selection:

1. Posting articles on revenue-sharing websites

There are a number of sites where we can write articles that generate advertising revenue. The site automatically inserts advertisements into our article and every time someone clicks on them we receive a share of the advertiser’s payment for them.

These sites are suitable for beginners because they allow you to get started instantly, they are easy to understand and you don’t need any special internet skills to get started.

You simply write the article and by publishing it on a site that is well-indexed by Google, you get good traffic through the search engines. This way we get clicks on the ads contained in the article and start making money.

For the beginner it is a way to learn about:

  • Keyword research.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Writing new content.
  • These three concepts are basic to mastering online revenue generation.

2. Affiliate marketing

This involves being able to earn money from a commission earned from selling products created by other people.

The best thing about this option is that almost always 99% of the work has already been done: the product has already been created, as well as the websites and the payment and delivery processes. The company selling the product offers revenue in exchange for visitors to our blog or website clicking on a certain link. This has a special code unique to our site, and if the person ends up buying the product we earn a commission.

3. Niche websites or portals

A niche website is an internet site created to offer information and products or services related to a certain topic or niche.

These websites are only relevant to a specific type of audience with very specific interests, which gives us an advantage: competition is usually lower than in more generalist content sites such as news sites.

In order to earn income with this type of website, we need to achieve the highest possible ranking for one or more search terms or keywords in the Google search engine.

When a website appears on the first Google search page for a keyword, it receives a lot of traffic that can be made profitable with Google’s Adsense program (, or by directing that traffic to affiliate marketing links related to the market niche we have focused on, generating commissions.

4. Create a software product

Software is another type of digital product that can be sold online. Its advantage is that it is usually a very scalable product, as it is produced once and can then be sold many times to many people.

It does not need to be a very complicated software product.

5. Other ways

It is also possible to generate income online by creating a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast, but these sources can’t be considered passive income since they require constant updating.

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Tips for earning passive income online

In the world of earning passive income online there are three very clear rules:


Efforts take longer to bear fruit than with active work, and in some cases we will even find that they have not paid off, but they are worth it because they will allow us to earn money later even after we have abandoned that activity.


It is better to choose one of the ways described here, study it and try it thoroughly than to try to exploit many ways without managing any of them completely.


No one should abandon a job in order to embark on the adventure of earning passive income, but rather start doing activities of this type and increase the time we dedicate to them as they bear fruit.

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