I Love Money – Why Should You Love Money?

Why Should You Love Money

The title of the two-million-copy blockbuster book, Moneylove, is the most provocative and contentious part of why should you love money. Most people thought money and love were diametrically opposed when I first wrote it in 1978. I was one of the first to argue that loving your money could lead to a lot more of it.

To Attract More Money, You Must Love Money

Money love, in my opinion, is not about amassing vast sums of money or obsessing over it.

It’s about loving yourself enough to make the money you deserve, loving your work enough to make money more easily and happily, and being a more loving person so that others are drawn to you and whatever ideas, products, or services you have to offer.

Human beings’ most powerful feeling is love, and emotion has a lot to do with the outcomes they achieve in life. There are definitely many billionaires who don’t care about money, but those who appear to be the happiest and most fulfilled–creatively, emotionally, professionally, and in terms of making a difference in the world–exude their love and enthusiasm for what they do and the success they attain.

I don’t mean they yearn after it or are inspired by it when I say they adore money…

They do what they do because they like it, and other people–who, after all, are the source of all our money–are drawn to that positive energy and are willing to give to them a huge money.

They don’t despise money or regard it as an evil force; instead, they appreciate the rewards of their labours and are passionate about all they do in the world, including accumulating vast sums of money.

You should love money for these seven reasons.

Reason #1 for Money Love

Money should be something you adore since it is the world’s way of letting you know you’re on the correct track.

Reason #2 for Money Love

You should love money because everyone likes a lover, and when you emit that love energy, people will be drawn to you and what you have to offer. 

Reason #3 for Money Love

Because the alternative stinks, you should adore money. Poverty and sad frustration result from hating or even somewhat disliking money.

Reason #4 for Money Love

Money should be cherished since it allows you to enjoy everything and everyone else in your life. This involves telling yourself (try it): “I have a wonderful life because I can afford to own my time and do anything I want, whenever I want, with whomever I want.”

Reason #5 for Money Love

Money is something you should appreciate since it helps you to magnify and multiply your beneficial impact on the world. “I enjoy the difference I can make because of my financial success,” says your personal prosperity declaration for this one.

Reason #6 for Money Love

Money should be cherished since it is the only inanimate object capable of repaying your feelings.

Reason #7 for Money Love

You should adore money simply because it is so much fun to play with, spend, and share.

Are you satisfied that money and love belong together in our vocabulary of fundamental parts of life at this point in my treatise?

These two essential components of any happy and full existence share many characteristics.

Ten of them are listed below for you to consider.

1. Communication.Having a successful, happy, and meaningful relationship, as well as having a lot of money flowing into your life, are both vital. Warren Buffet has stated that communication is the secret to his success as one of the world’s richest people.

2. Energy. Perhaps the most essential similarity between money and love is that they both involve energy, often the same energy.

The energy we generate within ourselves and then radiate outside to others.

You can feel this energy when you’re in the presence of someone who is truly emitting it, and it’s difficult to resist. Why would you even want to give it a shot?

3. Other People. Other people provide us with love and money. When so-called prosperity teachers discuss The Law of Attraction, these factors are frequently overlooked. And having other people want to give you money is one of the finest symbols of success.

“People love to give me money,” is one of my favourite personal affirmations.

When other people offer you what you desire in terms of love, money, acknowledgement, counsel, opportunity, and support–and those are exactly the people you will attract when you project a loving energy, a loving personality, and a love of what you do–there are no boundaries to what you may do in life.

4. Showing Off. This is frequently the result of both money and affection. We are proud to let others know that we have a fantastic, gorgeous, sexy, and charming person who loves us, or we are proud of our financial achievement. In all domains, we have a tendency to brag too much to others. And animosity can emerge as a result of this.

Here’s a wealth-building secret: the more people who love and applaud your success rather than resent it, the more likely you are to continue to grow it.

5. Painful Loss. Losing a significant loved one or a significant amount of money in your business can be heartbreaking, and your reaction to that loss can be directly related to how easy you believe you can replace that loved one or that money in your life.

Your potential for resilience–the ability to bounce back from a loss or setback–determines your amount of contentment, joy, and favourable outcomes in both love and money.

6. Addiction. You can become hooked to both love and money to the point that you obsess over them at all hours of the day and night.

I’m not obsessed with making a lot of money and becoming really wealthy, but it’s certainly preferable to the alternative.

7. Forgiveness. The degree to which you are holding on to anger or unhappiness about something that happened in your love life or at work indicates how limited and constrained your life may be. Here’s a secret about forgiveness: it has nothing to do with being kind or making the other person happy. It’s all about breaking free from the limitations and restraints that sap your energy.

8. Old Stuff. We have old history, old ideas, and even old myths in both money and love that are preventing us from obtaining more success right now.

In love, we can be clinging to a fantasy of how the ideal mate would appear and act. These imaginary notions were frequently instilled in us by our parents or other influential figures in our early years. Many people still believe that if you choose a company to work for, are a devoted and industrious employee for forty years, and retire with your gold watch and a good pension, you will accomplish your highest earning potential. This concept or construct is complete.

A lack of love or money in your life could be a message from the universe asking you to reconsider your route. When you do this, you may see that it resembles an obstacle course, with enormous bags of old junk strewn about.

9. Stinginess. You can be stingy with your cash or with your love.

What you cling to becomes crushed, diminished, or completely gone. What you freely use and share with others grows and improves.

10. Feelings. Money and love have similar emotional ranges. In these two areas of our lives, we all have strong emotions that might be provoked. It’s not about accomplishing a certain goal–earning a certain amount in a specific method or finding a person to love who meets very specific criteria–in both money and love. No, it’s about how you feel about the results you do get. What we’re actually want is the sensation we imagine we’ll experience if that particular someone comes up–or the sensation we’ll have if we get a huge cash windfall.

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